Collaboration with Milton & King, an on trend wallpaper company from Australia. These wallpapers from Catherine's folk art series are available in multiple colourways.



The New Zealand wood pigeon or Kereru is such a lovely bird with its big white belly and iridescent green feathers. The artist of this bold wallpaper design observed & drew the delicates vine flowers in this artwork during a warm morning at the beach where she lives in South Taranaki and knew it would find its place amongst the artwork. This pattern evokes a fresh morning breeze flowing through the flowers & leaves.

Available in 5 colourways

Kereru Mockup_Berries_High Res.jpg
Catherine Marion_Kingfishers Mockup_Autu



Exotic Kingfishers is inspired by the colorful Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher resident of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. This vibrant pattern transports you into an exotic jungle experience with its flowing leaves and flowers. The kingfisher is a symbol of peace & abundance. In the folklore tradition, seeing a kingfisher is a promise for prosperity & love to wash over your life.

Available in 6 colourways



This artwork is a hymn to love representing two Japanese cranes dancing together in spring. The flowers and leaves have been selected to evoke a Japanese garden, from the pink cherry blossom to the Japanese maple tree leaves. The Japanese Crane is a symbol of love and fidelity, which is not surprising since these elegant birds bond for life once they have found a mate. This artwork conveys both at the same time a sense of power & softness, which is in essence very similar to love.

Available in 4 colourways

Catherine Marion_Japanese Cranes_Light_M
Catherine Marion_Fantails Mockup.jpg



This intricate pattern with a folk art feel is inspired by a late spring afternoon in New Zealand. In this piece, a group of Fantails is chirping happily and dancing around amongst the foliage of a humble Kowhai tree during the last daylight hours.

Available in 5 colourways



Hummingbirds Wallpaper is inspired by a childhood memory. Inspired by summers in Quebec, the artist remembers when she would be excited to observe the tiny hummingbirds gathering nectar from the trumpet-shaped flowers in the garden. There is definitely something quite magical in the sight of a hummingbird as they often seem to appear out of nowhere and will vanish in the blink of an eye.

Available in 5 colourways

Hummingbird Light_Mockup_V4-Close up_Red