4 easy steps to add texture to your illustrations

I love texture, I think it adds so much dept to an illustration. It took me a little bit of trial and error and some online research to find the a way to add texture to my illustrations that would work for me. Below is a quick step by step tutorial of my technique.

3 easy steps to add texture_Image_Reduce


Create individual layers with for every graphics in your illustration. The shapes needs to be on different layers if you want to apply texture on one item at the time. By example I want the texture on the large leaf stem to be a different colour to the texture on the large leaf itself so I have made two different layers. 


Add a new layer on top of the layer you want to add the texture. Place your cursor in between the two layers whilst pressing ALT to create a clipping mark. Everything you now draw in this layer will only apply to the layer beneath it.

3 easy steps to add texture_Image7_Reduc
3 easy steps to add texture_Image2_Reduc


Press i to access the Eyedrop tool and sample the colour of the shape you want to add texture to. Then double clic on the Foreground Color icon to open the Color Picker window.


Then select a slightly darker colour which you will be using for the texture. I like to select a tint quite close to the original colour so that the texture blends to the shape.

3 easy steps to add texture_Image3_Reduc